Simple Strategies for Business Success

Who would have thought I would be doing book reviews. However I feel I should really do one now. Years ago I picked up EMyth to read on a flight. I loved that book, it was like Michael had seen my life as he described my business.

Unfortunately Michael I think your days as my favourite business book are numbered. My Coach Joanne Clark of Destiny Pursuit gave me a copy of Sharon Pearson’s Simple Strategies for Business Success and I have to say I love this book.

In the last few weeks I have been going through a lul and I started reading the book again, reading these books gets me fired up and this book as done it again. I am ready! I have found as I digest the ideas in the book it makes more and more sense.

In the first section about developing your millionaire mindset, Sharon has condensed all the other books I have ever read into a simple succinct manner that makes the other books seem like they were wasting my time. This section is the part that I read over and over again and it asks the hard questions and makes you think about what your doing and why.

The next section about Marketing for Massive success has some brilliant ideas which I need to investigate further on how to market your business in the New economy.

The final section about Systems is a great justification as to why WE need to build systems in our business.

I would highly recommend this book to someone growing a business.